Law Firm KAŇKA & ŠAFKA, Czech Republic - Prague

We are a dynamic law firm, offering legal services on highly professional level whilst keeping efficiency of those at the same time, which allows for the accessibility of a top legal services not only for the major companies but also for small and middle enterprises and natural persons. We offer legal services in majority spheres connected with business activities and real estate. Our lawyers have rich experiences end professional expertise gained during the long-time working for Czech branches of leading foreign law offices as well as during their studies on foreign law faculties. We have experiences not only with the local environment, but also with cross-border transactions. Thanks to the close cooperation with a tax and audit office, we are able to coordinate the projects not only from the legal point of view, but also from the tax and accounting perspectives.


Law firm KAŇKA & ŠAFKA, advokáti s.r.o. picks up on successful activities of the law office AK KAŇKA, which established itself as a smaller law office offering highly professional services. In order to extend the scope of the services and the comfort for the clients, Jiří Kaňka, founder of AK KAŇKA law office, joined Jiří Šafka for the purpose of joint provision of legal services and founded KAŇKA & ŠAFKA law office. In the year 2011, the law firm was transformed into a limited liability company.


Our vision is good working and consistent team of lawyers providing legal services on a high level in the most practice areas. Our vision is continuity; we strive to create long term relationships with our clients and business partners. Finally, our vision is individual client´s care. Therefore, our top priorities are customer care, effort to assert the business interests of clients in practice and time flexibility.


Law firm KAŇKA & ŠAFKA, advokáti s.r.o. is a member of multi-national network of independent law firms Law Europe International (LEI). Founded in 1992, LEI has currently more than 800 lawyers worldwide. As consequence thereof, KAŇKA & ŠAFKA, advokáti s.r.o. offers legal assistance, to be provided by the member-lawyers of LEI, to clients in the most European countries an in the main jurisdiction in the world.