Labor Law

We are aware, that it is essential for most companies to receive professional advisory services in the area of labor law. We put therefore our best effort to provide our clients with the best services in this area. We offer our clients especially following legal services:

  • drafting employment contracts and other employment documentation arranging the relationship between the employer and its employees
  • arrangement of the relationship between the company and its top managers
  • drafting of work rules
  • drafting of other internal rules of the employer
  • assisting with termination of employment relationships including mass layoffs
  • legal assistance for employment agencies
  • representing clients in employment related disputes
  • representing the clients in administrative proceedings initiated due to commitment of offence in the area of labor law
  • legal advisory with relation to labor law aspects of commercial transactions, especially aspects connected with the transfer of rights and obligations from employment relationships
  • legal audits in the area of labor law
  • risk analysis / detection of failures and potential administrative offences in the area of labor law
  • securing of complex advisory in the area of occupational safety and health protection, including the analysis of compliance with relevant law regulations
  • securing advisory in the area of wage accounting


Law firm KAŇKA & ŠAFKA, advokáti s.r.o. is a member of multi-national network of independent law firms Law Europe International (LEI). Founded in 1992, LEI has currently more than 800 lawyers worldwide. As consequence thereof, KAŇKA & ŠAFKA, advokáti s.r.o. offers legal assistance, to be provided by the member-lawyers of LEI, to clients in the most European countries an in the main jurisdiction in the world.