Criminal Law

Criminal law was adopted as new area of our law practice. We offer our clients especially legal advisory with respect to:

  • defense tactics management
  • economic criminality defense
  • tax criminality defense
  • accepting defense and provision of legal consultancy in any stage of criminal proceedings
  • analysis of the duties of the top management of the commercial companies with respect to potential criminal implications


Law firm KAŇKA & ŠAFKA, advokáti s.r.o. is a member of multi-national network of independent law firms Law Europe International (LEI). Founded in 1992, LEI has currently more than 800 lawyers worldwide. As consequence thereof, KAŇKA & ŠAFKA, advokáti s.r.o. offers legal assistance, to be provided by the member-lawyers of LEI, to clients in the most European countries an in the main jurisdiction in the world.